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Learn to play piano...
new and innovative, yet classical

Learn music, understand what it means to read sheet music and feel the rhythm with the help of a personal pjano teacher - all also online!!

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Project until December 2015
The Beta-Version of pjano.com is online and many of my pupils are learning on this platform. With your help I can:

1. Upgrade the Notetool:
You can learn the most important clefs here and what it means to read sheet music. It's easy! You will receive all explanations before you start to train and step by step you can understand the stave by itself. The goal of pjano.com (and also my personal goal as a piano teacher) is, that you don't need another person in the future who show you what you have to do. The project will help you to reflect your abilities by teaching you required knowledge with joy and fun. So you can become an artist or even study music.

2. Finish the Playtool
Then we can learn whole parts of classical pieces online. With the help of the playtool you will see if you are playing the correct notes and I can support you in making progress. 'Whole parts' means that you will learn a full piece step by step with the help of your personal piano teacher online. After you have understood the content you can play it on your own piano or instrument.

For teachers and companies this will be the opportunity to learn how great it will be to support there pupils and customers to become a real artist. To everyone who wants to study music we should provide access to over 700 years of knowlegde we composed in this area. Your pupils and customers will be thankful about this opportunity and also recommend you as a high-quality partner.

3. Thousands of Music Sheets & Learning Papers
After Part 1 & 2 it will be time to fill the database with millions of notes, hunderts of thousands of bars and thousands of music sheets & learning papers. From the beginning you will have enough material to learn. But it is important that pjano.com includes more & more professional data to give you the knowledge you need to become a good artist. All material and all notes must be prepared to give a clear notation and find the best way for teaching you in playing an instrument. 2,500 pieces need about 1.5 years of work. But the material will be prepared step by step and so all users of pjano.com also receive periodical updates.

4. New AP Interface, More Tools, More Fun
Last but not least a good piano & music teacher will bring you all the stuff you need to understand the rhythm, the history and the notation signs to check your progress on your own instrument step by step. And today there are more options to support you than just sitting next to your chair and say: yes, right, correct etc. Therefore, pjano.com will include also more tools & a new AP Interface.

The first and second part need the minimum goal of 20,500 €. The costs are for materials (professional software; instruments, rents for sound studios etc.). It just takes 6 month of work.

The third and fourth part requiere hard work. For the music sheets & learning papers I will provide you with all my knowledge in a clear and understandable online learning system. Furthermore you will get the opportunity to receive hardcover books in English, French and German with a new and clear but classical kind of stave. Therefore, it needs time, software and maybe the help of other experts, too.

Especially the fourth part includes a new AP Interface described by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in March 2015 which gives us the opportunity to connect your instrument to your browser.

This means great features for the future of pjano.com, too. Therefore, it obviously needs the help of a professional computer scientist with a calculated salery of about 100,000 € for one year.

For all kind of help you want to give to my little child grown up in my hands for more than 4 years and now giving to you as a sign and also as a hope for the music of the future!

wishing us unforgettable impressions
your Michel